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1 Giardino, 2003,   18x18x7 cm  .jpg

Giardino/Garden, 2003, pencil, beads on cut out tracing paper, 18x18x7 cm

2  Giardino, 2008,  30x42x3 cm     .jpg

Giardino/Garden, 2008, embroidery headband, pencil on tracing paper, 30x42x3 cm

3 Giardino,  2003, ottone, 18x18x7 cm  .

Giardino/Garden, 2003, brass clipped, 18x18x7 cm

4   Arcipelago,  2008, 31x45x1 cm  .jpg

Arcipelago/Archipelago, 2008, pigment, gold on cut out tracing paper, 31x45x4 cm

5 Cuore,  2012,   17x23x1 cm  .jpg

Cuore/Heart, 2012, acrylic, chenille on letter paper, 17x23x3 cm

6  Il mio fiore, 1994, 36x26x2 cm  .jpg

Il mio fiore/My flower, 1994, nk, cuts on pale yellow paper, 36x26x4 cm

7 Sconosciuto,  2008, 21x30x2 cm  .jpg

Sconosciuto/Unknown, 2008, pencil, glass on tracing paper, 21x30x2 cm

8    Fioritura, 2013,  30x20 cm  .JPG

Fioritura/Blooming, 2013, marker on cut and punched copper, 30x20x3 cm

9   Giardino stellato, 2003,   21x15 cm

Giardino stellato/Starry garden, 2003, pencil, sequins on tracing paper, 21x15x1 cm

10   Giardino, 2012, 17x23 cm.  .jpg

Giardino/Garden, 2012, acrylic, ink on writing paper, 17x23 cm

11 Raccolgo i tuoi fiori, 1992, 19 x 24

Raccolgo i tuoi fiori/I collect your flowers, 1992, newspapers cut into envelopes, 19x24x2 cm

12  Il mio fiore,  1994, 39x30x1  cm  .j

Il mio fiore/My flower, 1994, ink, cuts on pale yellow paper, 39x30x1 cm

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