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Mariella Bettineschi Archive is born in March 2017 and is chaired by her son, Tiziano Colombi.

The Archive’s purpose is to catalogue, archive and autenticate Mariella Bettineschi’s work, to protect her research and promote it, through projects designed to be developed with Private, Museums and Institutions.

How to ask to the Mariella Bettineschi Archive for the Certificate of Authenticity: write an e-mail to or to and send:

  • Send high quality digital photographs of the work: front, back, details of the signature, writing, labels (when present), indicating the provenance, bibliography and its appearance in publications or exhibition catalogues.

  • technical data: title, year, technique, dimensions (height x base x depth)

  • exhibitions and publications of the work, any changes of ownership and any other useful information to reconstruct the history of the work

  • indication about how the owner wants to appear if the work will be published: the extended name (in this case specify it) or the wording “Private collection”;

  • sent a written release from the photographer and/or the photographic studio that took the pictures of the works containing the authorization for the use and for the publication of the same on the Catalogo Ragionato (which is a work in progress) or on other publications dedicated to the artist.

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