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1 Appunti, 1993,  20x20x2 cm     .jpg

Appunti/Notes, 1993, acrylic, flower cut out of cardboard, 20x20x2 cm

2  Appunti,1991,  76x113 cm   .jpg

Appunti/Notes, 1991, acrylic, cross glued on cardboard, 76x113 cm

3  Appunti, 1993,  36x36x4 cm   .jpg

Appunti/Notes, 1993, tears cut out of a book, 36x36x4 cm

4 Appunti, 1994   70x50x2 cm    .jpg

Appunti/Notes, 1994, acrylic, pencil, hand cut out of cardboard, 70x50x2 cm

5    Appunti, 1993,  31x48x8 cm   .jpg

Appunti/Notes, 1993, hand cut out of magazine, 31x48x8 cm

6  Appunti, 1994    76x56x2 cm .jpg

Appunti/Notes, 1994, acrylic, planes cut out of cardboard, 76x56x2 cm

7    Appunti, 1994, 24x24x4 cm  .jpg

Appunti/Notes, 1994, acrylic, postcard cut and glued on cardboard, 24x24x4 cm

8  Appunti, 1994,  76x56 cm  .jpg

Appunti/Notes, 1994, acrylic on cardboard, 76x56 cm

9  Appunti,1994, 40x40x3 cm .jpg

Appunti/Notes, 1994, acrylic, brochure cut out and pasted on cardboard, 40x40x3 cm

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