1 L'era successiva (Rogier van der Weyde


Ex Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena, Via Sant'Alessandro 39/d, Bergamo

The Municipality of Bergamo is pleased to announce the inauguration of the third and final stage of the GestoZero exhibition, an itinerant project promoted and produced by the Brescia Musei Foundation which, after the favorable reception of critics and the public at the Museum of Santa Giulia in Brescia (1 August - 20 September 2020) and the Violin Museum in Cremona (1 October - 1 November 2020) now concludes its exhibition journey at the Ex Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena in Bergamo.
Born from an idea of ​​the artist Maurizio Donzelli, the exhibition in Bergamo is coordinated by Ilaria Bignotti and curated with ACME Art Lab (Alessia Belotti, Melania Raimondi and Camilla Remondina) and Matteo Galbiati, with the collaboration of Giorgio Fasol and Mauro Zanchi.

The exhibition will be open from 12 June to 25 July 2021.